With Tranzman 3.0 there are three ways to ensure historical backups are recoverable in the future. 




1) Transition to the same product.

2) Transition to a different backup product.

3) Tranzman to recover without a backup product.  





Data recovery is now possible without needing the original backup software.

Tranzman can read and import media and disk based backups from many different backup products including NetBackup, BackupExec, Tivoli Storage Manager, Data Protector and Commvault. 






Use Cases

Tranzman can be used to merge / consilidate many backup environments into a single environment.  

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Ransomware attacks are on the increase, Attacks often target the backup software to prevent recovery, Tranzman can help you discover and recover any viable data from the backup environment.

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Switching backup software can be easy with Tranzman.

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Tranzman has its own media readers that can detect and read various media formats.  This makes it possible for Tranzman to read and recover data without needing access to the original software or its database

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Tranzman makes splitting of backup environments for operational or business reasons possible.

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The Tranzman solution can help with data center migrations where there is no connectivity between the old and new environments

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Tranzman can be used to aid a replatform.  New backup server can be provisioned on the desired platform and Tranzman can then transition from the old to the new.

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