The Stone Ram NetBackup Cross Vendor Transitioning service is a fixed price offering which facilitates ONLINE migrations from TSM or Data protector to NetBackup. The service offering caters for many differing types of migration, including the migration of a single Origin to a new NetBackup server of the merging of data from multiple Origins into existing NetBackup server.

The service includes.

  • Initial assessment and Planning for the migration
  • CUSTOMER will provide a physical or virtual server with connectivity to network, disk storage, tape/robotic devices (Typically this is a physical machine, due to tape connectivity)
  • Install and configure Tranzman appliance software
  • Deployment of Tranzman Agents to origin / destination environments
  • Discovery of all environment components
  • Selection of components to transition
  • Overseeing Migration of Selected Components
  • Selecting Images for Duplication (if required).
  • Overseeing Duplication of Selected Images.
  • Testing and Validation
  • Decommissioning of the Tranzman appliance (if required)
  • Post Engagement Support.

The majority of the work is performed by our appliance reducing the amount of human intervention required.

The service can be managed remotely using Webex or other online collaboration tools. A consultant can also be sent to site to perform this if required. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details

Duplication can be used to perform COMPLETE migrations moving data off the origin media onto media / storage under the control of the Destination server.  If this option is used, the migration will take longer while all selected images are converted, but at the end of we will be able to decommission the Tranzman Appliance.

If Duplication is not used the migration will be completed quicker and all data on legacy media will be converted on demand, in this case the Tranzman server can not be decommissioned until data has either expired or has been manually duplicated.