Backup Migrations, Mergers, Splits and Renames

Stone Ram’s staff are acknowledged experts in backup migrations, mergers and splits:

  • Migration: quickly and efficiently migrating backup solutions into another destination environment from the same vendor
  • Merge: merging multiple backup environments into a single environment from the same vendor
  • Splits: splitting backup environments into multiple environments.

Throughout a backup migration, there are inherent risks to the existing platform that must be mitigated. Most organisations don’t have the resources and skill sets to safely complete this type of project in-house.

Stone Ram’s migration specialists quickly, efficiently and safely migrate backup solutions and provide opportunities to:

  • lower costs
  • save time
  • reduce risk
  • increase your in-house team’s skills levels.

All our consultants hold industry-recognised accreditations supported by a long, successful track record.

If you are considering a migration, please contact us to discuss how we can do this for your organisation.