With Tranzman, data can be recovered without using the original backup software.

Tranzman can injest the meta-data directly from exisitng backup environments, and it can import media directly to build an index.  UsingTranzman you can consolidate multiple legacy backup envrionments in a singe searchable index, allowing for many legacy environments to be merged together, and the original environments to be decomisioned..

Recall of the legacy media can be a costly operation, that has a potential to multiply the duration of the any migration project. Tranzman overcomes this challenge by being able to read many different tape formats removing the need to have to convert formats, but allowing recovery when required.

While Recovery on Demand provides the lowest cost, and minimal resourcing option, many customers want to either, fully or selectively,  convert and migrate the data, with Tranzman this is also possible as it can automate the recovery of backup data into NFS / CIFS mounted shares, which enables organisations to backup the data using different backup products.

Tranzman will allow you to restore application, database and fileystem data as files.


 Key Features

multi ingest


Tranzman can ingest the meta data from many different backup products into its own searchable index. 

Ingest meta data directly from an active backup environment using the TZM Agent.
Export the meta data as a ZIP file using TZM Recorder, or back up the data using the backup software.  Import the ZIP file or tell Tranzman to read the data from the backup.

data recovery

Data Recovery

Files listed in the Tranzman index can be recovered directly from media using the Tranzman readers.  Recovered files are written to NFS or SMB shares.

point and click

Point and click User Interface

The entire migration can be completed using the Browser based user interface, this makes it easy to track the progress, and perform any required actions.
media import


Tranzman can read media from many different backup products and retrieve the associated meta data, and ingest to its own searchable index

Import can be used to index incomplete backups, that may have failed before they completed, or where they span multiple tapes and one or more tapes are missing or have become damaged.

Tranzman retrieve data for ANY backup it discovers even if they had previously expired from the backup vendors catalog.


Subscription based Licensing

The Tranzman software for Recovery Without Vendor is licensed on a subscription basis, and monthly subscription fees.  There are 3 different tariffs to cover most  data recovery requirements


System Requirements


Tranzman for Recovery Without Vendor, is normaly installed to a physical server, this is done using the Install media, available as an ISO image by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a download link.

The MINIMUM specification is as follows

4 Core CPU*

8 GB RAM**

1 Gbit NIC***

4 GB Disk for Tranzman OS

XXX GB Disk for data****

SCSI / FC/ ISCSI connectivity through dedicated HBAs for access to Tape devices

* For every additional tape drive being used consecutively you need an additional CPU core

** For every additional tape drive being used consecutively you need an additional 2GB of RAM

***10Gbit NIC is recommended if more than 1 tape drive is being used and if the drives are LTO6 or newer).

**** Staging Disk size needs to be MINUMIN of 3 X Largest Tape size, or 3 X largest data set size (which ever it the largest). This then needs to be MULTIPLIED by the number of Tape drives that will be used consecutively.






Tranzman is able to ingest origin meta-data for the following backup products directly into its own index. Allowing for many environments to be consolidated into a single solution for long term recovery. 



Data Protector



IBM Spectrum Protect / TSM