Commvault Simpana simplifies the functionality management involved in supporting enterprise applications, and is well integrated with most cloud vendor infrastructures.

Recovery Without Vendor


Commvault data can be recovered using Tranzman,   Tranzman can restore data from without needing the original backup software. Tranzman can read disk and tape media, importing the meta-data into its own internal index. 

Tranzman currently supports the following Commvault data types.

  • *nix Filesystems
  • Windows Filesystems
  • DB2
  • Exchange
  • MS SQL
  • SAP R3
  • SAP MaxDB
  • Oracle
  • LotusNotes

Recovery of, files, folders, application data and databases is possible.

Cross Vendor Transitioning


Workloads, are not currently supported, but will be added if there is sufficient demand.

Commvault will soon be added to the list backup products that Tranzman can migrate from, as an origin.

Currently there are no planns to add Commvault to the list of products Tranzman can migrate to as a destination, this doesn't mean that Tranzman can't help to transition to Commvault,  just that the full meta-data ingestion into Commvault is currently not possible.  Tranzman can still be used to index, and recovery other origins data using the "Recovery Without Vendor" option allowing for legacy backup products to be decomissioned.