Commvault Simpana™ simplifies the functionality management involved in supporting enterprise applications, and is well integrated with most cloud vendor infrastructures. Its key features include:

  • Server virtualisation and cloud-ready data management
  • Integrated global source and target side deduplication
  • Simpana OnePass™ backup and archive functionality, to help optimise management time and eliminate the potential negative operational effects normally associated with backing up and archiving
  • Integrated hardware and software snapshot management supporting heterogeneous arrays
  • Virtual machine archiving.

Tranzman is a solution that we have developed, and will continue to do so. It removes some of the expense and skills drain of migrating to a new backup solution. Later release candidates of Tranzman are shown on our roadmap, and include the following migrations: Commvault to NetBackup, Commvault to Veeam, and from other technologies to Commvault.