With Tranzman, the transitioning between two or more backup environments, using different products is possible whilst retaining access to legacy backup data.

Transition converts the following three components: -

  • Meta-Data is a collection of information held about backups. It is often stored in the backup product’s database.
  • Workload defines rules for the future backups. Configuration about where, when, how and what should be backed up by the backup system. 
  • Recoverable Data, this is tha actual backup image, that is written to the disk or tape by the backup software.

The technology allows for the legacy backup software to be decommissioned as soon as the Meta-Data has been convert and ingested into the destination backup environment. This accelerates the migration and removes operation costs from the legacy environment.

Recall of the legacy media is often a costly operation, that has a potential to multiply the duration of the migration project, if media is stored off-site. Tranzman can overcome this, by converting the Meta-Data first and performing data conversions only on demand later on.

While Recovery on Demand provides the lowest cost option, many organisations want to fully convert and relocate the data, allowing them to complete a hardware / media refresh at the same time.  Tranzman makes this possible as it can automate the conversion and duplication of backup data to destination storage devices.

Currently we only support for meta-data and workload creation for NetBackup Destinations, If you are looking to migrate to other backup solutions, then look at the Recovery Without Vendor option as this can be used independently and will help to consolidate the meta-data from multiple environments into a single index that can be used for recovery of legacy backups.

 Key Features

zero downtime

ZERO Downtime

Tranzman can migrate between different backup servers without needing any outage to the backup environment.  

granular seections

Granular Selectivity

Tranzman allows for individual backup components to be selected for migration.  Using a rules-based approach this also allows, continuous selection of matching components that are being converted and imported, or re-created in an active destination environment.

multi merge


Tranzman supports merging of many Origin backup environments to a Destination backup environment, all at the same time.

multi split


Tranzman supports the dividing of an Origin backup environments into many Destination backup environment all at the same time.
multi combo


Tranzman can perform Multi-Merge and Multi-Split at the same time allowing many to many scenarios to also take place.
secure comms

Secure Communications

Tranzman Server and Agents communicate over SSL.  Ensuring that all data being sent or received b y the Origin and Destination Environments is encrypted in-flight.
point and click

Point and click User Interface

The entire migration can be completed using the Browser based user interface, this makes it easy to track the progress, and perform any required actions.
adaptable timeline

Adaptable Timeline

Tranzman puts the user in-control, allowing for the migration schedule to adapt to business needs
tuneable performance

Tuneable Performance

Tranzman, has a low impact on the backup environment out-of-the-box, this can be tuned to increase or decrease the load on the Agent, speeding up the migration, or further reducing the impact on the backup environment.

Subscription Licensing

The Tranzman software for Cross Vendor Transitioning is licensed on a subscription basis, and monthly subscription fees.  There are 3 different tariffs to cover varying anticipated data conversion requirements.


System Requirements


Tranzman for Cross Vendor Transitioning, is normaly installed to a physical server, this is done using the Install media, available as an ISO image by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a download link.

The MINIMUM specification is as follows

4 Core CPU*

8 GB RAM**

1 Gbit NIC***

4 GB Disk for Tranzman OS

XXX GB Disk for data****

SCSI / FC/ ISCSI connectivity through dedicated HBAs for access to Tape devices


* For every additional tape drive being used consecutively you need an additional CPU core

** For every additional tape drive being used consecutively you need an additional 2GB of RAM

***10Gbit NIC is recommended if more than 1 tape drive is being used and if the drives are LTO6 or newer).

**** Staging Disk size needs to be MINUMIN of 3 X Largest Tape size, or 3 X largest data set size (which ever it the largest). This then needs to be MULTIPLIED by the number of Tape drives that will be used consecutively.





Cross Vendor Transition Paths

Tranzman is able to migrate and ingest origin catalogs for the following directly into NetBackup.  If you are not using NetBackup as the destination, take a look at the Recovery Without Vendor option.



Data Protector



IBM Spectrum Protect / TSM