Veritas NetBackup reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection while enabling you to remain ahead of relentless data centre growth. Its key features include:

  • Virtual and physical device backups through the same interface (enabled through a single console and platform)
  • Unified centralised management of snapshots, replicated snapshots, backups, and recovery
  • V-Ray technology that allows administrators to see files, applications and databases within VMDK or VHD files, and enables them to restore files without staging to disk
  • Scalable, global deduplication across virtual and physical data environments
  • NetBackup is available as a software-only or an appliance-based solution.

Our Veritas NetBackup expert services include:

We also work independently and alongside vendors to produce software solutions that improve migration efficiency and speed: for example, Catman and Tranzman.

Tranzman is a solution that we have developed, and will continue to do so. It removes some of the expense and skills drain of migrating to a new backup solution. Later release candidates of Tranzman are shown on our roadmap, and include the following migrations: Veritas NetBackup to NetBackup, TSM to NetBackup, Backup Exec to NetBackup, Veeam to NetBackup, Commvault to NetBackup, Networker to NetBackup, and NetBackup to Veeam.