Veritas NetBackup reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection while enabling you to remain ahead of relentless data centre growth

Recovery Without Vendor


NetBackup data can be recovered using Tranzman,   Tranzman can restore data from without needing the original backup software. Tranzman can read disk and tape media, importing the meta-data into its own internal index.

Recovery of, files, folders, application data and databases is possible, and Tranzman currently supports the following NetBackup data types, with more are being added each month.

  • *nix Filesystems
  • Windows Filesystems
  • DB2
  • Exchange
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • SAP  ( Max DB, Hana and R3)
  • Lotus Notes/Domino
  • Sybase
  • OpenVMS
  • VMware
  • Enterprise Vault

Cross Vendor Transitioning


All Workloads, can be exported and converted.

NetBackup can be migrated from as an Origin.

NetBackup is also the primary destination that Tranzman can migrate to. 

If you do not want to migrate to NetBackup this doesn't mean that Tranzman can't help.  Tranzman can still be used to index, and recovery other origins data using the "Recovery Without Vendor" option allowing for legacy backup products to be decomissioned. 

Same Vendor Transitioning


NetBackup can be migrated between any operating systems* (Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux and Windows, NetBackupAppliance), and clustering technologies* (Standalone, Microsoft Cluster, Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster, HP Service Guard, HACMP), and between different versions of NetBackup** (see table below).  

*Operating system and cluster technology need to be supported by the version of NetBackup that is installed.

** Destination netbackup version should be a currently supported version, and must be at the same or higher release than the origin(s)


 Support Matrix6.0


Destination NetBackup

Origin NetBackup

8.X 9.X 10.X 10.2 (Postgres)


a a a a


a a a a


a a a a


a a a a


a a a a


a a a a


a a a a


a a a a
9.X x a a a
10.X x x a a
10.2 (Postgres) x x x a

NetBackup Specific Same Vendor Transitioning Features

KMS Migrations and Mergers

Tranzman has full support for KMS, allowing for individual key groups to be migrated, and merged.

Client Connectivity Testing

Tranzman can check client connectivity to identify any changes, it determines if there are blocked ports, or issues with certificates.

Certificate Deployment

Tranzman can instruct clients to request certificates from the new master.

Vault Migration and Merger

Tranzman will migrate / merge Vault configuration based on the Devices that have been migrated.

Retention Levels Merger

Tranzman automatically maps and creates / modifies Retention Levels, ensuring that all data, and policies/SLPs are updated accordingly ensuring retentions are the same duration that was defined on the origin.

Shared Storage Server Support

Tranzman only migrates the components it needs to, so if a storage server already exists it will just migrate the disk pool /volumes.

Host Properties Config Files Migrated

Tranzman will display all the differences between the Origin and Destination master servers host properties allowing for easy "click" to update

Accelerator Tracklogs updated

Tranzman is able to detect any clients  / media servers that were using Accelerator, and can update the Track Log to allow it to recognise the new master server, ensuring that a FULL rescan isn't required after a migration.

Compressed Catalog Support

Tranzman detects if any images it is migrated were compressed using legacy (pre NetBackup 7.6) compression, and will be automatically uncompressing them in-flight.  This reduces space requirements on ageing Origin environments, and also ensures that the Destination is able to recompress them correctly.

Support from Older NetBackup Release.

Tranzman is able to migrate any NetBackup environment newer then NBU6.0

Data Duplication

Tranzman has the ability to automate the duplication of images between different disk/volume pools.   This can be used to refresh storage whilst doing a catalog migration, or to split the contents between different pools.

Component Renames

Tranzman can rename many configuration objects as they are migrated.