With Tranzman, the transitioning between two or more backup environments, that use the same backup software is easy. Tranzman will make easy work of the migration, even where the destination has a different operating system, where is uses different clustering, different virtualisation technologies or where the software version is different.

Tranzman is provided as a turnkey virtual appliance for Same Vendor Transitioning. The virtual appliance needs to be deployed and the origin and destination backup environments need to be in a functional state, then you are ready to start the transition.

Tranzman discovers all the configuration and meta-data objects in an environment, and uses rules-based selections to ensure that any changes to the origins are also selected for transition. Tranzman exports, converts and imports, the configuration and meta-data objects.  It keeps the origin and destination environments synchronised. The destination environment(s) are aware of the meta-data that has been imported, but they cannot use it for restore purposes until the transition is finalized.

The Tranzman approach, is a synchronised, coexistence approach to migration.  It processes meta-data on a backup by backup basis, ensuring that each backup is correctly imported to the destination. This not only reduces the downtime requirements for the finalization to near ZERO.  It removes the widely acknowledged higher level of RISK associated with a "BIG BANG" migration, such as over-running the migration windows and higher failure and regression rates.   Before Tranzman the "BIG BANG" method was the only option, and it was delivered as a service by the backup vendors for a considerable fee.  Tranzman is a lower-cost option that also eliminates the complexity and reduces the risk through its fully automated process. 

Tranzman further reduces risk by completely removing the need for a prolonged full system outage.

Tranzman increases the probability of success, by enabling connectivity testing to take place prior to finalization, which makes it easier to identify and resolve all potential communication issues before any outage begins.

Tranzman also provides a very fast and simple regression options, all the origin environments can be switched-back so they control the workloads. The full audit of migrated components that Tranzman keeps can be used to identify and remove all the imported images and configuration from all the destination environments, without the need for ANY downtime. 

 Key Features

zero downtime

Near ZERO Downtime

Tranzman can migrate between backup servers without needing any outage to the backup environment.  A small window for switch-over of policies / media servers may be needed.

granular seections

Granular Selectivity

Tranzman allows for individual backup components to be selected for migration.  Using a rules-based approach this also allows, continuous selection of matching components that are being converted and imported, or re-created in an active destination environment.

multi merge


Tranzman supports merging of many Origin backup environments to a singe Destination backup environment, all at the same time.

multi split


Tranzman supports the dividing of an Origin backup environments into many Destination backup environment all at the same time.
multi combo


Tranzman can perform Multi-Merge and Multi-Split at the same time allowing many to many scenarios to also take place.


An extensive, automated pre-migration assessment is performed to verify and validate the selections, and to ensure that origin and destination environments are in a healthy state before the operation is started.

Detailed Migration Plan is produced with estimated timings for the various aspects of the migration.

Post Migration an automated series of Acceptance tests are performed to ensure that everything is working correctly.
secure comms

Secure Communications

Tranzman Server and Agents communicate over SSL.  Ensuring that all data being sent or received b y the Origin and Destination Environments is encrypted in-flight.
point and click

Point and click User Interface

The entire migration can be completed using the Browser based user interface, this makes it easy to track the progress, and perform any required actions.

Heterogeneous Environment Support

Tranzman enables migration dissimilar backup platforms or clustering topologies.

A Tranzman migration is focused on the backup data and configuration objects. Tranzman doesn't modify any aspects of the way the backup server was installed.  It just configures it with the required changes.
adaptable timeline

Adaptable Timeline

Tranzman puts the user in-control, allowing for the migration schedule to adapt to business needs
tuneable performance

Tuneable Performance

Tranzman, has a low impact on the backup environment out-of-the-box, this can be tuned to increase or decrease the load on the Agent, speeding up the migration, or further reducing the impact on the backup environment.

Simple Licensing

The Tranzman software is licensed per origin backup server, the per origin fee is the same regardless of its size.


System Requirements


Tranzman for Same Vendor Transitioning, is normaly deployed using an OVA template.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a download link.

The OVA template will build a Virtual Machine the following specification

4 Core CPU


1 Gbit Network Connection

4 GB Virtual Disk for Tranzman OS

500 GB Virtual disk for Transient Data*

*The transient volume can be resized to a smaller or larger volume.  The size required depends on the number of environments, the sizes of the environments, and the transition method being used.  Contact Stone Ram for help with sizing.

Same Vendor Transition Paths


NetBackup to NetBackup

Data Protector to Data Protector

Networker to Networker