Migration Paths

NetBackup to NetBackup (NEW)

Tivoli Storage Manager  to NetBackup

Data Protector to NetBackup (NEW)

New Features

Recovery without Catalog

Migration Lifecycle Reporting

Data Duplication

Migration Assessment

Key Benefits

Whether the requirement it to migrate between different backup products, or to migrate within the same product Tranzman offers these key benefits.

  • Online Migration, no downtime required.
  • Granular Selection of components to migrate / merge.
  • Support for one to many and many to one migrations.
  • Rename ANY origin components while migrating OR merging
  • Detailed Reporting/ Auditing
  • Simple web based UI
  • Integrated Assessment


  • At least one tape device of each media type has to be retained from the legacy system. They need to be connected to the Tranzman appliance, and will be used to read legacy data. These tape drives will continue to be required until all legacy images have expired, or all valid images on the media they support have been duplicated to storage in the destination environment.
  • No support for software based encryption.
  • Disk based deduplication is not currently supported. (VTL is supported)