Current functionality supports using the Tranzman Appliance for NetBackup to NetBackup migrations.


It can assess for both a Tranzman based Migration or a Veritas Catman migration (using Assessment Only mode), allowing the user to easily and quickly identify issues or limitations that will impact the engagement.

The Assessment feature also generates plans with estimated timings,  for the migration (in the case of Catman, it provides a plan for both a Migration and a Merge)

Cross Vendor Migration assessment and plans will be provided in the tranzman release 2.2.

Assessments are based on the data that is obtained, either by using the Appliance in a live environment, making use of the tranzman Agent being deployed to Origin and Destination backup environments, or by using the TZM_Recorder tool that creates a recording  for each environment and saves them in a ZIP file that can be uploaded to the Appliance to create a Virtual Agent so that the assessment can take place.


When performing a Tranzman Migration the Post Migration assessment performs post engagement Validataion and checks, and provides a simple checklist of the state of the various components.

The Post-Assessment Feature is not available for engagements using Veritas Catman.