Tranzman provides a unique solution for the migration of data between different enterprise backup vendors, it is an automated solution that migrates the workload configuration objects, exports, converts and imports the catalog and then performs conversion of recoverable data then a request is made to restore or duplicate the data. 

Tranzman reduces risk, cost and time, allowing for transition between products without disruption to production environments, and eliminating the risk of human errors associated with manual data migrations.

Tranzman converts the following three components: -

Catalog is a collection of meta information about data, held by the backup system. Recoverable Data, written to the disk or tape by the backup system

Workload defines rules for the future backups. Configuration about where, when, how and what should be backed up by the backup system.

catalog convert image conversion workload conversion

The Tranzman technology allows for the legacy product to be decommissioned as soon as the Catalog has been ingested into the new environment. This accelerates the migration and removes operation costs from the legacy environment.

Recall of the legacy media is a costly operation, that has a potential to multiply the duration of the migration project, if media was stored off-site. Tranzman overcomes this challenge by converting the Catalog first and performing data conversions only on demand later on. 

In cases where there is a requirement to convert all data, Tranzman can reduce the cost through automation of the process of duplicating images, optimizing the conversion process to ensure minimal numbers or media reads take place. READ MORE