Stone Ram’s expertise and experience in enterprise availability technologies is second to none. We have worked with Veritas Cluster, Microsoft Cluster, Oracle Solaris™ Cluster, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster and HP Service Guard™. Our availability technology service solutions include:

  • availability infrastructure architecture
  • availability solution implementation into a new or existing infrastructure
  • bespoke configurations of availability solutions
  • remediation services
  • detailed, customised knowledge transfer and early-life support.

Our highly accredited, experienced backup availability solution consultants provide fast, precise and efficient architecture design and implementation services which are usually far more cost-effective than attempting it in-house. Each project is monitored and managed by a PRINCE2-accredited specialist. Alternatively, if you have in-house resources, we can bridge skills gaps by working as part of your team. 

Project Lead Approach

Collection   Planning   Execution   Control   Closure
Stone Ram will start any engagement with a workshop to fully define the scope and identify the key personnel who are involved with the project. The information obtained at the workshop will be used to either facilitate the design and architecture of the solution and/or to identify the required resource and plan the implementation. After the plan and scope of the engagement have been signed off the solution will be designed and/or implemented in accordance with the plan Throughout the project Stone Ram will provide governance to the engagement, monitoring the quality, scope, time and risks to ensure a successful outcome. At the end of the engagement  Stone Ram will ensure that all key personnel identified during the initiation, are happy with the outcome and seek sign-off.


With Stone Ram’s specialist support available to design, implement and support your availability solution, you’ll:

  • cut costs
  • reduce lead times
  • mitigate risks.

Stone Ram’s accredited and industry-recognised availability architects and implementation consultants enable the rapid, efficient expansion of existing solutions or the adoption of new technology. Full knowledge transfer and training can be provided in a way and to a level that suits your organisation. Please contact us to arrange a discussion with one of our specialists.