Catman is a "BIG BANG" approach to migrations, requiring extensive downtime for large environments. Tranzman on the other hand is an "always available" approach to migrations, providing granularity for the selection of components to migrate, and the ability to merge environments with minimal downtime.

Partial Migrations are SIMPLE, you can just migrate the components you want, no need to migrate everything and clean up afterwards (reduce RISK, and TIME).

 Automated Deployment of Certificates and Testing of Client Connectivity, can be performed before switching between origin and destination, significantly reducing any downtime.

Many to 1 migrations are possible, allowing for multiple environments to be merged AT THE SAME TIME!

Catman limitations that Tranzman resolves:

  1. KMS can be migrated and merged
  2. Vault is fully migrated and can also be merged
  3. Host Properties and other configuration settings can be merged, through the Tranzman Web Console
  4. Compressed images are migrated without needing to be uncompressed beforehand.
  5. Retention Levels are merged, resolving issues with conflicts automatically, and updating images accordingly.
  6. Intelligent Policy are migrated and merged, retaining all Groups and Instances and associated Credentials  (Catman doesn't merge these)
  7. Barcode Rules are merged, without additional manual steps to resolve duplicate prefixes
  8. Media Id Generation rules are migrated and merged
  9. Shared storage servers, that belong to both the origin and the destination don't cause issues when being merged.
  10. Client side Accelerator Tracklogs renames can be "pushed" when the destination has a different name