Backups are for disaster recovery and archiving is for discovery – at least, that’s what some people believe. In reality, this is not the case. Many organisations have been using backup technology to hold on to data offline over the long term. However, if an organisation needs to change its backup technology, it might no longer be able to access the aforementioned data.

Stone Ram has created the Tranzman appliance. This allows the contents of an existing backup environment to be ingested directly into a replacement backup environment. Tranzman enables you to read media (e.g. disks and tapes) held in the legacy backup environment, so you will no longer need legacy backup software. Our Tranzman solution works by intercepting calls for the media and converting the backup data to the required format used by the new environment at the point of recovery (or duplication).

A world first
With Tranzman, recovery and migration of backup data is possible without needing the original backup software. For example:

1) Catalog migrations

Catalog conversion and ingestion: Tranzman exports the legacy backup catalog, converts it, and imports it into the new backup environment to provide a single interface for all your restore requests.

Catalog mergers: Tranzman can be used to append imported catalog data to an existing catalog so multiple backup environments can be merged. Tranzman enables full or partial mergers of catalog data.

2) Backup Data Restores

Restores: With Tranzman, legacy data can be restored using your current backup product. For example, if data is on a legacy tape, Tranzman intercepts the restore request before identifying and converting the backup data to a native format which your existing backup product can process and read. When the conversion is complete, the restore will automatically continue.
Backup data migration: Tranzman also assists organisations that need to move all their legacy backup files onto modern backup technology. It converts and duplicates each image to native media in the target backup environment. Target environments include tape, disk and cloud-based destinations. Tranzman can be set up to be fully automated, and doesn’t need the vendor’s software to complete the process.