NetBackup environment merger at Leading IT service provider in the Nordic region


  • Merger of 3 NetBackup Catalogs.
  • ZERO downtime.


A leading IT services and software provider in the Nordic region,   required a migration solution to merge two legacy NetBackup environments into a 3rd NetBackup environment without any outage to the environment.  The timelines were short as the legacy environments were in a data center that was being decomissioned.



Using our  Tranzman for NetBackup service we installed our Tranzman appliance software onto an old decomissioned media server in the clients environment. our consultants then deployed the Tranzman client agent onto both of the  Origin master servers, and the Destination master server.

Tranzman discovered, all the images and media.

The consultant selected the components that the Client wanted to have migrated (they only wanted Tape Media and associated Images)

The consultant performed a Pre-Migration Assessment using the Tranzman appliance which checks for any conflicts.

The consultant then initated the migration, and tranzman exported, manipulated and imported the images / media into the destination environment.

The consultant monitored the migration until it had completed by regularly connecting to the customer via WebEx.