Recovery without vendor for Indian Technology Services Provider for Banking and Financial Sector


  • Data from 38 LTO4 Tapes was recovered.
  • No need for original backup software (Tivoli Storage Manager).
  • The media remained at the customer site (in India), while the work was performed remotely from the UK.


Large Indian Technology Services Provider for Banking and Financial Sector,   required assistance to recover data for one of their clients, this data was originaly backed up using Tivoli Storage Manager. All they had was the media, there was no Tivoli Software, and they no longer had access to the backup catalog.


Using our Recovery Without Catalog service and a Tranzman Virtual appliance our consultants were able to recover all the data from the clients tapes back to a network share.

The Tranzman software was installed on a VMware Virtual machine, a Tape Library with 2 drives, and a 2TB staging disk were mapped to the VM.

The Stone Ram consultant issued commands via the Command Line Interface Shell (CLISH) to recover the data from tapes that the client had loaded into the tape library.

When recovery of a Media was complete, the Client copied the files they required from the staging area which was shared to their PC using CIFS.