Consolidating 7 NetBackup environments into 1 for the worlds favourite online sports betting company.



  • 7 NetBackup Environments merged into 1
  • Zero Down Time
  • Geographically Distanced low bandwidth data transfers.


Customer had 7 NetBackup Environments spread across 4 Different geographic locations that they needed to consolidate into a new centralised Master.



Tranzman was installed as a Virtual Appliance using the Tranzman OVA distribution. This was configured as a temporary Virtual Machine in the customers network.  

Agents were installed on all 7 backup origins,  before the migration was started.

All 7 environments were merged, but the customer was not ready to finalize on all of them so initially only 5 were switched over to the destination environment. Stone Ram then told Tranzman to continue to keep the last two environments in sync until the customer was ready to complete the final switch over of them as well.