Tranzman used as alternative to CATMAN.

Clustred NetBackup 7.7.3 to  Standalone NetBackup 8.1.2 Migration



DV Consulting approached Stone Ram to help them migrate their customer’s backup environment.

The backup environment needed to be transitioned from a Clusterd to a Standalone configuration. 

Previously DV Consulting had been able to use Veritas CATMAN, however changes in the CATMAN engagement process meant that this option would no longer be financially or operationally viable.




Stone Ram provided DV Consulting with its "NetBackup Catalog Transitioning Service", utilizing Tranzman to migrate the catalog,  workloads, and configuration from the current Microsoft Clustered NetBackup environment to a new standalone NetBackup master.

We installed our Tranzman appliance software onto an Virtual Machine in Simcorps environment.  

Tranzman discovered, all the images and media, and configuration objects.

The consultant selected the components that the Client wanted to have migrated.

The consultant performed a Pre-Migration Assessment using the Tranzman appliance which checks for any conflicts.

The consultant then initated the migration, and tranzman recreated all the configuration, and exported, and imported the images / media onto the destination environment.

The consultant monitored the migration until it had completed by regularly connecting to the customer via WebEx. 



DV Consulting customer Simcorp was able to switch over to the new backup infrastructure. DV Consulting was able to deliver the service they had promised within budget.