Esdebe Split

In October 2014, Esdebe Consultancy Ltd split when Esdebe’s founder Simon Brown left to start Stone Ram Limited.

While the Esdebe Consultancy is a value-added reseller, Stone Ram is an independent backup migration company that provides innovative tools and services.

The new Stone Ram team was instrumental in Esdebe winning the Symantec Technical Innovation Award in 2013 for its work in developing the Catman toolset, which has been widely used to support migrations and mergers with NetBackup.

Stone Ram’s team also developed training materials on the use of Catman for Veritas (then Symantec) partners across EMEA, and helped deliver the training.

Stone Ram is an independent, privately owned company led by Simon, who no longer has any ties with his former company. However, Stone Ram continues to work closely with Veritas in Catman-related projects, providing support and migration-related services to end users, delivering training, and developing new features.